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Welcome To DFW Spy Toys. DFW Spy Toys serves the Dallas - Ft. Worth area with unique self defense and security products for your home and your business.

We are proud to offer the highest quality products from a superior manufacturer and with the goal of giving excellent service. Acts of violence and theft are reported daily. We want to supply quality products that can aid in protecting men, women and children from injury. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC.... PROTECT YOURSELF.
These everyday items have tiny hidden cameras in them. They are easy to use and easy to install. Use these cameras to protect your property at your home, office, your children, and your pets to give you peace of mind. Many of them are portable, easily moved from room to room and place to place. Any of the DVRs we carry will work with these cameras. You get the cables, connectors and multi power supplies you need.
Cameras For The Home
Cameras For The Office Nanny Cams Body Cameras
Place this flower pot hidden camera on a shelf or table in your home or office and monitor all the activity, whether you are there or not, or even when your back is turned. Can be moved to any room or location.
$490 $430
About Flower Pot With Hidden Camera
A place of business has to have an exit sign, right? So, why not cleverly make it an exit sign that also conceals a nice, surveillance camera?This unique EXIT Sign Hidden Camera adds security to safety.
$195 $149
Hidden Camera In Exit Sign
Keep an eye on the nanny and other caregivers looking after your family with this easy-to-setup nanny cam.
A hidden nanny camera is the perfect covert tool to watch over your children.
$185 $150
Hidden Camera In Clock Radio
This WATCH HIDDEN CAMERA is a state-of-the-art masterpiece, complete self-contained surveillance system. It has a Digital Video Recorder, and it's perfect for covert or surveillance assignments.
$95 $51
Watch With Hidden Camera
This luxurious and elegant "mantle clock" with the hidden camera inside and with a built-in DVR, can tell you what's happening when you're not in the room, or not even at home. Perfect over the fireplace.
$545 $467
Mantle Clock With Hidden Camera
If you need to monitor the outside of your home, and see what's happening on your property, then you will find many good uses for this amazing, wireless Electrical Box hidden camera. Also used for businesses.
$515 $451
Electrical Box With Hidden Camera
The Mini Digital Alarm Clock DVR is the ultimate hidden camera digital video recorder! Hide this amazing camera in plain sight since it’s cleverly disguised as a fully unctional alarm clock. Perfect clock for the bedroom.
$129 $56
Clock With Hidden Camera
Looking just like a bluetooth earpiece that you see everyone using these days, no one will ever know, in ten million years, that you're actually, discreetly, and conveniently taking color video recordings of everything!
 $115 $63
Bluetooth Earpiece Hidden Camera
A fully-functional, portable AM/FM radio with Compact Disc player, and it houses a covert "hidden camera" which will keep an eye on your party, event, belongings, and the room where you keep it, without anyone ever knowing or suspecting.
$325 $207
Boom Box With Hidden Camera
This unique and very clever Emergency Light also conceals a hidden surveillance camera and it gives you and your family safety and security. Emergency lights will last up to 1 + 1/2 hours during a power outage. No one will ever expect anything.
$285 $212
Emergency Light With Hidden Camera
This Carbon Monoxide Detector hidden camera plugs into any wall socket and can go in any location. It can even be plugged into an outlet close to the floor and still view the entire room. Perfect spy cam used when you are gone and see that the kids are safe.
$525 $435
Carbon Monoxide Detector With Hidden Camera
You can use this to record all the action (video and audio) you want, whenever you want, and wherever you may find yourself. It also writes like a normal pen, and you can replace the ink with a standard refill found in any office supply store.
 $56 $34
Camera Pen
The fully functional 2-piece computer speaker system works fabulously with Personal Computers, iPods, MP3 players, as well as CD and DVD players. Include features are easy-to-use power and volume, and a headphone output jack.
$195 $140
Desk Top Speakers With Hidden Camera
This Tower Fan Hidden Camera not only "works" as a fan, but it also plugs into the wall, which powers the tower fan, the hidden surveillance camera inside, and the built-in Digital Video Recorder. It will go in any room or office.
$515 $429
Tower Fan With Hidden Camera
It is very common, these days, to find Motion Detectors in many places, like private homes, driveways, parking lots and businesses, but most people would never "think" that one of these motion detectors actually contains a hidden camera.
$120 $61
Motion Detector With Hidden Camera
This is the world’s finest hidden video camera sunglasses full HD (1280*720P). Built in TV out so all you have to do is plug in a cable to the glasses and TV and share your videos with friends and family anytime. Lots of fun to share with friends.
$220 $165
Sunglasses With Hidden Camera