Welcome To DFW Spy Toys

DFW Spy Toys serves the Dallas - Ft. Worth area with unique self defense and security products for your home and your business. We are proud to offer the highest quality products from a superior manufacturer and with the goal of giving excellent service. Acts of violence and theft are reported daily. We want to supply quality products that can aid in protecting men, women and children from injury. DON'T BECOME A STATISTIC.... PROTECT YOURSELF.

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Hidden Cameras
Protect your business, family and your possessions by equiping your home with an advanced surveillance camera or system that provides 24/7 recording. Some of our cameras are designed as ordinary household items with built in cameras. They will not know that they are being recorded.

Protection Devices
In todays time, when there are so many violent acts, we must have a way to protect ourselves and childrent from those who may harm us. DFW Spy Toys offeres a large variety of quality protection devices such as stun guns, pepper sprays, mace and more. These are quality devices that may help you get out of bad situations.

Women on Guard

In real-life mean people manipulate, take advantage and will hurt you. We have seen both extreme and not-so-extreme examples of this toxic behavior. Regardless of where someone falls on the "mean" spectrum, they are still BAITERs (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters and Reckless) you must protect yourself from them.
College Students Use Caution

The CDC has been collecting data on school-associated violent deaths since 1992. This data system, which was developed in partnership with the Departments of Education and Justice, monitors school-associated violent deaths at the national level. Information is collected from media databases, police, and school officials. We must help our kids protect themselves.

At DFW Spy Toys, we want to bring the best quality and affordable products for your own self-defense. That's why we've chosen to include dozens of stun guns, pepper sprays, mace products and batons along with other quality devices. Thank you for visiting, come back often. Our surveillance product will protect your home and place of business.