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Serving the Dallas, Ft. Worth area and offering wholesale prices for hidden cameras, nanny cams and self defense products such as stun guns, tasers, pepper sprays and more that are designed to protect you & your family.

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Our custom made hidden video cameras are built into everyday household items. Perfect for use as a Nanny Cam or to keep an eye on your office after hours. Our hidden cameras are top quality CCD cameras that are used for a clear picture and can include Wireless Transmitters or even a built in DVR called the StealthCam. All of the cameras may be offered in Wired, Wireless, Black & White and Color. Some even come with built in recording.

There is a growing need for many different surveillance and hidden camera products. From alarm systems, home security devices, and even spy cameras, these products are becoming more and more popular for a variety of reasons. Some of the them are for personal protection, others are to spy on other people, like neighbors, employees, and even care givers. Are we becoming a Nation of paranoid people or is there a need for all of these products?

With all the reports in the news today about nannies who are stealing from their employers, caregivers that are abusing the people they are supposed to be taking care of, nefarious activities of business employees, as well as thieves and robbers, there is certainly the need for covert surveillance. With the economy the way it has been, more and more people are setting up alarms, and other home security devices to protect themselves, as well as spy cameras set up in a wide variety of businesses, institutions, and public places. This equipment is getter better as technology develops, and these devices are getting smaller and more easily concealed.
ATTENTION: During a poor economy, jobs are lost, crime increases and people fear for their safety. People associate bad economic times with a rise in crime and they look for ways to protect themselves and their property. NOW you can help yourself! Join the War On Crime, we have many many self defense products available for you.The world of self defense products is quite vast. There are many different types of products to choose from such as; Personal Alarms, TASERS, MACE, Pepper Spray, Stun Guns, Animal Repellents, Safety Lights, Knives, Metal Detectors, Diversion Safes, Child Safety Products, Instructional Fighting DVD’s and much more.

There are products like stun guns, and expandable batons for your personal protection. You can buy these as separate items or in pre-packaged kits.

No matter where you go: work, mall, grocery store, classes or even just walk around your own neighborhood, college, or inside your home, there is always a potential for danger. We are continuously reminded of the horrors that occur in all these areas all throughout the United States and all over the world. Sexual assault, kidnapping, missing children, murder, break-in, robbery, and many more terrors happen frequently and when we least expect it. Having the right protection can dramatically decrease your chances of being harmed during these occurrences. Do not become a statistic; protect yourself with the best self defense equipment on the market today.


For a great new all in one solution that is easy to set up and use, be sure to see the StealthCam family of cameras with built in motion detected recording.

Here is a real home break in not to long ago. The home owner had installed an IP camera and had Internet access.
She was at her office and watched on her computer as two guys came in through her dog door and started gathering stuff. She called 911 and the thiefs were caught.

HC-ARPUR-DVR Color Camera With
Built-In DVR
HC-ARFSH-DVR Color Camera
With Built-In DVR
HC-CARKY-DVR Color Camera
With Built-In DVR
DVR Air Purifier Color Hidden
DVR Air Freshener Color Hidden
DVR Exit Sign Color Hidden
No one will ever be able to tell this air purifier conceals a hidden color camera and mini DVR with an SD card to record what the camera sees. The air purifier's power cord powers the air purifier, DVR and the camera. No one will ever be able to tell this air freshener conceals a hidden color camera and mini DVR with an SD card to record what the camera sees. Plug the air freshener into a wall socket to power the camera. No one will ever be able to tell this normal looking key chain conceals a hidden camera w/mini DVR and a SD card to record. The key chain DVR hols 8 gigs of files you can watch on practically and media software that supports AVI files..

950,000 volt stun gun
HC-BBMNT-GC Wireless
Color Camera
SM-MULTI 4.5 million volts Stun Master
Multi-Function Rechargeable stun gun
Knuckle Blaster
Stun Gun
Multi-Function Rechargeable
stun gun
Just touch your attacker to instantly repel them and give you time to get away. Longer contact will cause further disorientation and after some seconds may drop them to their knees. Having a new baby can be very stressful. You never want to leave their side and can barely get anything done around the house. Now you can know that your baby is safe at all times with the puppy dog monitor.

4.5 million volts. A super bright LED flashlight,
Red flashing emergency lights. 110dB Personal AlarmDisable pin wrist strap
4.75” x 2.5” x 1”

SM-HS Stun Master
Hot Shot
HC-WALLC1-DVR Color Camera With
Built-In DVR
4.5 Million Volts Hot Shot Stun Gun
DVR Wall Clock Color Hidden
Watch Video Camera with Audio and Built-in
Micro 4GB DVR
This sleekly designed super stopper is equipped with a safety switch and an illuminated red light that tells you it’s ready to unleash hell on your aggressor. A board camera turns this fully functional cordless phone system into a hidden camera. You receive 2 handsets and bases, but need only one phone jack. Our Watch Hidden Camera is a state of the art body worn complete surveillance system. This wire-free wristwatch contains the latest in miniaturized video technology.

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